Jun 16, 2017 | Life

An Adult Sandbox

I have heard the question many many times during the past 3 years that I have been working in the construction industry, “why?”


Why do I work crazy shifts with long hours, and push my body to it’s limit?


Often times people jump to the money conclusion. However, I believe that life shouldn’t be all about money…with that said though the money is not something I could ever complain about. You truly do earn it though through all the bruises, sweat and tears.

Well let’s start with the how first. I got into the construction industry through a family business. It wasn’t just I want this to be my summer job until I find a “real” job. It was more of a “Do you want a job? I have one for you” kind of deal. Over the years though I have truly enjoyed it and grown to love it and look forward to it.


Anyway, the 3 main reasons why I enjoy working with a construction company all summer are:


Reason One

Everyday is different. Yes of course there is some repetition. Your truck will always be loaded, you’ll always need to run for tools and there is only one way to put pipe together; but everyday something different will happen. You’ll be driving a different haul route or grabbing a different tool from a new store and maybe even trying a whole new position. If you don’t like doing the same thing every single day, I am with you! Everyday is a new day why not make it be different than the last! This is something that this job has given me every summer and it is one of the perks to me.

Reason Two

You learn something new everyday. Literally. Even if it is as simple as how to use a chain or to never walk under a bucket. You always learn something!

Here are a couple things I have learned:

  • You can never have enough ear plugs
  • Don’t cheap out on your footwear
  • If you have tough work pants spandex or leggings underneath is a must
  • There are too many different kinds of dirt
  • Always have PanAway stocked
  • It’s better to ask than to do something wrong
  • Even if you trust the operator you can’t trust a machine
  • If you are not enjoying your job then why are you doing it?

Reason Three

You have the opportunity to acceptably play in the dirt all day long. I’m not sure about you guys but I LOVED to play in the dirt when I was little…I even tried to dig to China once! I grew up with a gravel pit in my backyard, which could probably be one of the biggest reasons why I love my job so much; it’s like being a kid all over again!

The money is just a bonus to me because I actually enjoy what I do! Isn’t that what work should be? A place where you can have fun, laugh all day and be paid to do something you actually enjoy.


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