Jul 28, 2017 | Adventures, Life

Chase What You Can’t Replace

We live in a world where almost everything is replaceable, so why not live for the irreplaceable.


No longer are the days we have to keep every fork polished or the encyclopedia’s dusted. Now we can just buy a whole new cutlery set for $10.99 or use our phones to look anything you can imagine up.

In the last few years I personally have found it difficult to treasure possessions. How do you treasure something that you can just replace? With a little money of course.

I am not sure if it is just a part of growing up that you realize money isn’t everything, possessions aren’t important or that the world shouldn’t revolve around work. However, this is truly something I hope that everyone eventually learns.

“Stuff” is meant to be used. Take your camera out on the beach, drive your car down that road, and let your clothes get stained.

It is a kind of weight off your shoulders when you begin to look at the world differently. When you begin to treasure people, places, moments and memories over everything else.

Ever heard the song Trailer Hitch? If you haven’t you need to:


Do yourself a favour and chase what you can’t replace!

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