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Catching Kylie

Dessert Collection

It’s time to treat yourself!

Are you tired of?


Feeling stuck not knowing what to bake that everyone can eat, including you

Giving up your goals when you indulge in a yummy treat

Fearing that the treat you eat will leave you feeling uncomfortable


Do you want to make treats that are not only yummy but good for you too?!

Would you describe yourself…


As someone with a LARGE sweet tooth


As someone who enjoys baking and sharing treats with others


As someone who has troubles stopping when you indulge



Then this is for you!




Are you ready to have QUALITY treats, that give you the sweets you DESERVE and share them with your loved ones GUILT free?


It’s time to take your baking to the next level!




I started WildFit back in 2018 when I realized just how addicted to sugar I was and where that path was taking me…trust me it’s not a good one. I didn’t believe that I could live without sugar. Honestly, I would have thought you were CRAZY if you were to tell me where I am today!

2 years of being completely refined sugar FREE!

However, baking has been a therapy of mine for as long as I can remember. It started when I was very young and would spend hours in the kitchen baking with my Omi.

When I was 12, all I wanted for Christmas was a Kitchenaid Mixer!

After WildFit I still wanted to bake. I discovered that it was possible to create ‘healthy’ desserts! All of the recipes I now make are dairy, gluten and sugar free!

It took quite a bit of trial and error, but it was 100% worth it!! I am now thrilled to share with you some very treasured recipes of mine, that I occasionally enjoy guilt free.

Welcome to Dessert


Dairy, Gluten and Refined Sugar Free

WildFit Friendly

For those who have completed the challenge and now want some yummy treats that even their non-WildFit friends will love!

20+ Recipes

All common allergen free! No dairy, gluten, peanuts or soy. 


Easy to follow recipes that help you skip through the struggle of learning how to bake healthier!

What’s inside

Sneak Peak




Ice Cream




There are TWO versions of the collection:

One in Imperial

One in Metric

Download the one that works best for you!

Also included:

Healthy baking tips!


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WildFit was created by Eric Edmeades after transforming his own health. Then one day someone asked if he would coach them too. Eric, discovered that what he had done to change his relationship with food, anyone could do! This is when WildFit was born.
WildFit was inspired by the Hadza Tribe, one of the last hunter and gatherer tribes in the world. The entire program is focused on how to intuitively eat. As well as eating what our ancestors would have in the wild; real, raw, nutritious food.

Kylie with the Hadza Tribe Cheif in Tanzania


What they say

 “Ever since starting my Wildfit journey with Kylie I’ve put baking on hold. Being a baker by trade that was frustrating, but my health was more important. Her dessert recipes are a game changer. Now I’m able to bake again guilt-free!!! Thank you Kylie for the time, love and effort put into your book.”
 “It’s a great way to satisfy that ‘dessert craving’ without the guilt. Simple recipes with wholesome ingredients and delicious flavours that will even fool your non Wild-fitters.”
 “Clean, simple and healthy recipes. For a person who isnt the best at baking it really makes it quite easy and fun to do!”


I purchased the e-book but now I can't download it?

Right after you pay for your book you will find the download options on the Thank You page! If you close the page too fast, keep an eye on your inbox (and spam email) for the confirmation email with the download options. 

If neither of the above work - reach out to and share the email you purchased the book through and the team will send you a copy!

Can I share this e- book with a friend?

Each e-book is for individual use. If you have a friend that you know would LOVE it, you can purchase a second copy and send it their way.

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final.

Can l share this book with my WildFit clients?

If you'd like to share this book with your clients, please reach out to for a wholesale rate. 

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