May 27, 2017 | Life

Freedom Abundance

I am privileged enough to be at a point in my life where I truly have FREEDOM.


Zero debt, Zero bills, Zero responsibilities, Zero demands…


It is truly amazing to be able to feel so…free! I am financially secure, just came back from am amazing trip, surrounded by all those I love and I’m truly happy each and everyday. This is what I want my entire life to look like! Who wouldn’t?! Well some people might not want to be their own boss, create their own work schedule or vacation anytime they want.

Build a lifestyle, not a living


I believe I will forever be a lifestyle over living chaser. I want to chase after this freedom lifestyle versus the 9-5 work for 40 years then retire lifestyle. I want my work to just be apart of my life.

I do not want to ever regret how I spent my time. All in all I want to become a digital nomad, or find a way to take my career on the road. That way I will never have to be “stuck” in one place!

Which is a piece of the freedom I am experiencing right now that I don’t ever want to disappear..knowing that I can just jump up and say why wait, lets go now, nothing is stopping me or holding me back! I know that this will end and not come instantly because we do need money to survive in this world, so I will have to work at some point all summer again.

This feeling of pure joy did not come overnight. It came with working on a new mindset, finding the positives in everyday, and with getting out to do more of what I love. Ultimately just trying to find my passions, desires and whys.

I am starting by chosing to spend my money, time and energy into things that I know will make me happy and bring me even closer to the lifestyle I desire.

What are you chasing after these days? What would your dream lifestyle be? And how are you trying to get there?


The only thing stopping you…is you!

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