90 Day Challenge

Jumpstart into a natural living lifestyle, through WildFit, with the support of a community cheering you on and experiencing transformation with you every step of the way. It’s time to transform your life and live beyond the ordinary!

Your coach, Kylie invites you to join her on an adventure of optimizing your health.

You’re in the right place!


  • Have you tried it all?  Paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, weight watchers, tracking macros and are now confused?

  • Do you often have low energy from 1-5pm and are tired of being tired?

  • Are you ready to look and feel good in your clothes?

If you answered ‘YES’  to any of the above, you are not alone!

You don’t have to do it alone!

Big life changes are not meant to be done completely alone. Taking WildFit with a group is one of the best ways to experience the program.

We live in a world that often forgets the importance of community. When you surround yourself with like minded people, who are on a similar journey as your own, you are more likely to reach your goals!

Living a life beyond what ordinary society tells us to, is not easy! Having a strong positive community is important to your success.

It’s time to live a long healthy, joyful and meaningful life.

Sugar is everywhere!


You’ve been here before, it’s time to say ‘no’ to all junk foods again.

You find yourself able to go on a diet, for a week, maybe two and then you slip and give up.

What if I told you there is a way to be able to say ‘no’ and not feel guilty?

What if you could walk by a dessert table at an event and not even notice it?

What if you were able to go for ice cream with your friends and not even feel tempted to try a bite?

What would you do with that kind of freedom?!

WildFit is the secret you’ve been waiting for!

You’re capable of feeling comfortable in your own skin, of being proud of your body, and to feel healthy every single day.

WildFit is not a ‘diet’ it is a way of life that gives you the power to finally understand how to fuel your body properly, handle your emotional eating and be free from the diet industry.

It’s Time!

Live a life free from emotional eating and stress about how you look.

Have energy ALL DAY without relying on coffee.

Remove processed food from your diet without using ANY willpower.

Improve your self image to help increase your confidence and watch your life transform.

Be free from your sweet tooth.

Lose weight you never thought possible and discover what it’s like to have a flat tummy.


Set yourself on track to live a life free of type two diabetes and lifestyle disease.


Without health, how do you continue to live your life?

What past clients have to say

The results speak for themselves

What you will learn?


Eat Seasonally

How to eat seasonally and what the benefits are of each season, so that you can support your body in a variety of ways



6 Human Hungers

How to work with the 6 Human Hungers so you can interpret cravings correctly



Fat-Burning Season

Exactly which foods tell the body to go into Spring (the fat-burning season), so that you can release the weight you never thought possible!


Access Your Intuition

How to access your intuition (instead of willpower) to guide your food choices


Proven Mindset

Mindset techniques to make sure that you NEVER feel powerless to food again 



And Much More!

Emotional eating, dealing with social pressures and how to adopt the WildFit lifestyle

Meet Your Coach

Kylie is passionate about helping others succeed and live a life of their dreams. She’s a certified award winning WildFit Coach and has coached 100’s of people  in 16 different countires through the WildFit 90 day program.

Kylie studied nursing, psychology and biology in university. She is a strong advocate for personal growth and believes that society puts false limits on what we are all truly capable of. Kylie’s biggest struggle before WildFit was feeling powerless to sugar, she never believed she could be free until she completed the 90 day challenge!


There for you

16 Hours of live coaching with Kylie, your Certified WildFit Coach, for you to have accountability and clarity to achieve desired results every week.

WildFit training videos

36 Amazing WildFit training videos from the founder, Eric Edmeades, so that you can understand the WildFit principles and philosophy.

Facebook Community

Join a Facebook Group with like minded individuals and so that you have weekly ongoing support from Kylie, your certified coach.

Living WildFit e-book

You’ll relieve a Living WildFit E-book to support you on your journey into making WildFit a lifestyle.


Throughout the 90 days you’ll receive recipes. Plus one meal plan guide, to start you on the right track!

SOS Call

One 30 minutes SOS call. Feeling stuck, emotional, or lost you have the bonus to reach out and book an extra call.

How is the program

Week One and Two

Laying the foundation: Mindset

Week Two and Three

Sugar transition

Week Four to Six

Learning to love the good stuff:
The transition phase

Week Six to Ten

Deep Spring

Week Eleven

Easy out of Spring

Week Twelve

Back into Spring

Week Thirteen

Living WildFit

What to expect

After WildFit

Change your health, transform your life


Imagine being able to look in a mirror and not hate your body, because you now feel good, look good, and have confidence in how to properly fuel your body to remain healthy.


Imagine having untapped energy to get through your day. Wake up feeling rested, come home without needing to nap, and be so full of energy you can accomplish all your goals.


Change your diet, change your energy and change your mood. Imagine being free of crazy mood swings, emotional rollercoasters and finally feeling balanced within.

New Community

You’ve been on a journey with other individuals for 90 days! Have confidence in knowing that the community and friends you made will always be there.


What they say

My Story


When I decided to go through the WildFit 90 day challenge I wanted to do something a bit different. Instead of journaling the entire experience, I made video diaries! Each week I recorded my biggest challenges and how I overcame them.

During my challenge I was working full-time as a heavy duty equipment operator. I was on a split shift schedule. We did 4 days, 4 off then 4 nights and 4 off, rotating.

I worked 12 hour days but commuted to and from work, an hour each way, making it be from the time I left home to the time I returned around 15 hours.

I could have easily said that it’s too much or too hard but I didn’t because I had a promise to myself to be the healthiest I can be and I believe that work should never get in the way.

So take a little peak into my diaries, they are called diaries because they are very raw and a very real look into what my weeks looked like!

Kylie with the WildFit founder Eric Edmeades in Africa

Next Group Begins

September 20, 2021








What Clients say

Because of WildFit, “I feel healthier, lost weight and I am sleeping better. I no longer feel I “need” caffeine to get through the afternoon.”


“Weight loss- putting in the correct food to fuel your body was something I always struggled with as an adult. When I became the heaviest I have ever been and my family was concerned for my health; the lifestyle change of WildFit helped me in achieving a weight that I felt healthy at, could perform athletically and felt confident in. I am now back at the weight I was at when I played university soccer.”


WildFit gave me, “Confidence, strength, more energy, far less brain fog and a better understand of what I should fuel my body with for longevity”


Wow! This morning I officially weighed my lowest number since doing Wildfit 90 in October. The last time I ever weighed this low was in 2017! I looked at my old pictures & remembering the hopelessness and not being able to stick to a diet. Now I am able to manage better my food cravings and I’m more aware of my food dialogue. Thank you Wildfit!


My WildFit wins: “Mood, sleep, weight loss and no more knee pain…all huge wins”


“I weighed 183 lbs at that time. Now I’m down to 157. With Wildfit, I have changed my relationship with food. I have become so much more conscious of my food choices. Yes I will have a craving for chips/chocolate once in a while. I now choose freely whether I will consume them. It’s a new life philosophy for me for which I am very grateful. It is new kind of freedom… Thanks for your coaching Kylie and your support.”


“I just noticed that after doing WildFit, I don’t get out of breaht going up the stairs anymore. Also my self-confidence has improved over my appreance and I had to do a makeover with my clothes and hairstyle as well. Thank you WildFit!”


Long Stories

I joined Wildfit to be educated about food and health, and to once and for all stop the emotional tug of wars and battles with food.

Not only did I learn and lose weight I no longer question what is ok to eat and what isn’t. I have the most energy I’ve had in my entire life, I have zero pain and I feel beautiful in my clothes and I’m 48. My life is changed and I’m so grateful.

I’m not sure how I, or anyone on the team, could have accomplished all of this without our amazing coach Kylie Forseille.

Not sure what I would have done without your guidance, insight and fortitude. Seriously, you’re the best!!! Thank you!

Val G.

By taking the time to do the program I was carving out personal time to think about myself! With the time I was able to learn about food, my triggers to indulge, my inner dialogue and without being hungry I had time to reason with myself. I have increased energy. I feel that I can think clearly and there has been a bit of weight loss. My favourite thing about the program was the connection to a supportive coach and team.

I would like to thank my coach, Kylie for finding the small wins and celebrating. She set some challenges and made me think. We had some laughs along the way too. I could count on her to reinvigorate my commitment to my health.


Kylie, my main takeaway from working through WildFit under your leadership. You listen. From my perspective, having many “coaches” in my life; from high school instructors to drill sergeants, you stand out. Most of the coaches I have worked with walked a one-way street the majority of the time. You spend as much time, if not more time, listening versus coaching. Your feedback is based on what you hear and you’re well-versed in WildFit content. Your listening skills allow you to accurately address the issues your clients bring to your attention. In my opinion, that’s highly admirable and I’ve learned a great deal about WildFit through your coaching.

Christopher S.

I had pretty much given up on myself in the weight loss & health journey, when I watched a close friend transform her body & relationship with food. I was still skeptical in joining & did the two week program. I could really hear Eric on the videos and so much resonated for me. You, Kylie as a coach were essential to my experience of the program. You made us all at ease to be ourselves & communicate on a FB group our questions, blocks etc. Kylie, I so appreciate you going above & beyond with responses, recipes, and giving us the feeling we are all in this journey together.

The program could not have been as effective for me without this personal coaching!

I have a long ways to go in weight loss, but feel my thinking & how I now look at food, plus what I put in my mouth has transformed. Thank you for being a wonderful coach.

Barbara R.

Probably the biggest win is that I started cooking now. Moreover, I lost 8kg where 6kg was fat. Now I feel I am in control; I have cheated since but every time I have done it consciously which is so freeing.

I can’t imagine going through only videos and not having a coach, the constant help and support that came and also from the group. Those tips and tricks that You shared were great and helped a lot. Moreover, thank You for reminding me how much I was afraid of cooking. In the end I did not see how much I changed and probably it is regular that You do not notice change Yourself, so it was great to get that kind of feedback. Thank You for being our coach.

For future Wildfit people I would say that the transformation is real, and the tribe is always there for You. Moreover, it is worth it regarding time and money. Change is not always easy, and Your life will try to hold You back but that is the reason why You need to commit and let future happen.

Harri P.

This is the first time I actually am becoming aware of what food is to me, how it feels, what it does , and I feel free to make an informed choice. This is a huge deal for me as I have always been an emotional eater, had years of bulemia, years of Yo-Yo dieting, body shame and many years in Overeaters Anonymous without success because I also don’t believe in a God that can just „save“ me. The highest power I am finding here is the power of evolution and the power of education and awareness. It is helping me tremendously and I see a light at the end of a long dark tunnel.

Claudia H.

I realised that I was a huge emotional eater before Wildfit, and I definitely allowed others to influence this and what I ate. I would definitely eat to get back at people and hide chocolate around to eat in secret…Not anymore!

I notice how others around me react around food and what triggers them off a lot now. It’s been a shock seeing first hand exactly what I used to be like. I now understand how unrealistic the diet industry is.

My body has released inches of unnecessary fat around my body and my scales are dramatically different ( I was 11 stone 3 pounds now I’m 10stone 5 pounds. I see big changes in my face which always leaves me with an even bigger smile than the day before.

My skin feels the softest it’s ever been. My face is almost entirely cleared up other than really old acne marks, I’m practically glowing. I used to also have lots of tiny spots on the backs of my arms and legs, which have now all almost disappeared.

My partner has started to rethink his eating habits which I’m so happy with as he’s one of the unhealthiest eaters I know. I’m slowly helping him by changing up 1 thing a week. The only vegetables he eats are potatoes and the odd spoon of carrots. So it’s fantastic to hear him say he wants change and be healthier for himself and the future on his own count withiut me saying a thing.

MY CRAVINGS ARE GOING. Don’t get me wrong I do now crave almond butter, broccoli, mushrooms and nuts from time to time, but there’s worst cravings I could have. I used to be that person who would drive to the store at night just for a chocolate bar that I “shouldn’t really have” then eat the whole thing and feel terrible and  feeling like a hypocrite because I hated the dairy industry yet would still give in to chocolate!! Now I can happily say that when I shop, I ONLY think about and get what’s on my Wildfit shopping list. I can happily stroll through the confectionary aisle without a care in the world, other thoughts don’t even pop up. Even when I am home, I realise that I eat and prepare food right in front of the family fruit bowl and there isn’t even a inckling of temptation. Even when I go in the fridge, the other food I’m almost blind to, it’s alien to my diet now.

Jade B.


What happens after I apply?

After you apply you’ll jump on a 30 minute call with Kylie to confirm that this is the perfect program for you and ask any last minute questions you have.

Then once your payment is received you’ll be sent all the details to get started!

Can I join anytime?

Spots are limited, I currently only take max 15 per group and the groups begin on specific days 🙂 

What if I can’t attend the live calls?
All live calls are recorded and shared in the group within 24 hours. 
How long do I have access to the content for?
You will have ifetime access to the version of the program you purchase. 
Is there a money back guarantee?
If you complete the program, attend 80% of the live calls and still do not feel satisfied you can receive up to 80% of your money back.
How long is each check in call?
Each call is an hour long. If there is a larger group we may have two call times or 90 minute sessions.
How much of a time commitment is there?
The more you put in the more you will get out! However, with that said plan for about 3 extra hours a week to dedicate to your health and well-being.
When is the best time to join?
When you have ALL the events! Bring on Christmas, New Years, Birthday’s…there is never a right time. Where do you want to be in 3 months? In the same place you are now or a complete different person?
Are there payment plan options?

WildFit is an investment in yourself, your health, your longevity and how you feel each and everyday. Remember you are worth every penny. 

With that being said, there is the option of payment plans and there is also a student discount if you prove you’re in school.


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