Oct 25, 2019 | Adventures, Life

Hidden Tunnels

You know that saying, “do one thing a day that scares you?” Well how often do you follow it? When was the last time you actually take a deep breathe and started to move forward into the direction of the unknown and maybe even frightening?

Wow that’s a lot of questions but seriously how often do we stop ourselves from doing something out of fear. I can bet you that we do it every single day!

Do I ever have a story for you from my last adventure, it required more than just a deep breathe. It also required a flash light and a racing heart!


Welcome to Othello Tunnels

Located just outside of Hope, BC.

I have had the abandoned Othello Tunnels on my adventure bucket list for a few years now!

Well I finally found a little extra time to go visit them and the best part was that I got there for sunrise! Dreams do come true.

The worst part, since it was no longer tourist season, I was literally the only one there…

So it’s only semi light outside and I find myself walking to go find these tunnels all excited, who wouldn’t be?

Well all my optimism vanished when I arrive at the first tunnel and all I see is darkness. Terrified, I begin questioning why I am out in the middle of the wilderness about to walk through a dark tunnel with who knows what is inside! I didn’t even bring my good flash light.

With my heart rate escalating I walk a little bit closer. Determined not to give up, I came all this way right? Why would I turn around…well maybe because I am going to walk through some extremely dark long old tunnels…alone!

The 1st Tunnel

Pulling out my trusty iPhone flashlight (seriously what did people do before those), I began to walk into the tunnel. Yes, sometimes you have to literally walk into your fear in order to discover the beauty on the other side.

That feeling of making it through the first tunnel and knowing that there really is no point in turning back now because I will then always just wonder what I missed.

Similar to how everything in life is, once you start moving forward it’s often harder to turn around.

So I find myself making my way through each of the five tunnels.

I might have to confess that I had to sing my way through them, whatever it takes to get over fear!


Then the moment I was waiting for came, when the first sun rays of the day began to shine on the old train bridge!




If the Kettle Valley wasn’t beautiful before it just got 100x better!

The last tunnel was probably the greatest challenge as it had a bend in it, so when you started walking inside you could not see the light on the end for a little bit!

Now feeling super accomplished at the end of the five tunnels, I realize that I have to walk back through them all again to finally get back into the safety of my car.

Ya, you could say I was really pushing my boundaries that day! 


Life’s an adventure

As I walked the way back to my car, it just got more and more magical with the additional sunshine. It was one of the moments that you feel completely tranquil surrounded by nature and pure raw beauty.

I would share more of the absolutely gorgeous photos I captured however, I think you should just experience it for yourself!

REMEMBER a flash light and to not let fear stop you from exploring the beautiful world we live in.


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