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You’ve Caught Kylie!

Hi, I’m Kylie

Just a girl passionate about living life to the fullest.

I was born and raised in a small town located in British Columbia, Canada. Fun fact it’s 100 times smaller than the town I am currently living in. 

I am a multi passionate person, ‘jack of all trades’ and an incredibly fast learner. I am always trying something new, on an adventure or starting a new project. This is why I identify with Catching Kylie as it can be difficult to keep up with me.


What do I mean by ‘jack of all trades’?

You can find me in a dance studio rocking a tutu and pointe shoes, but you can also find me running a D10 dozer or a haul truck down a back road. It’s safe to say that I like to dip my toes into everything and it can be quite surprising with the many different activities I love to do. 

My favourite thing to do would be to adventure. Whether it is just to a new hiking trail, a place around home or across the world, it is one thing that brings me immense joy.

Oh and lastly, I love baking! Always have. Now I just do it slightly different than most would, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. Let me tell you though, you’d never notice! 



My Story


I’ve always had a passion for helping others. It all started when I was five years old when my Father passed away. I grew up fast and my drive for supporting others during challenging times was born.

As I got older I really learnt the power of what food does to your body in the not so fun way.

I was in first year university and well I got VERY sick. Sick to the point that I couldn’t sleep because I was in so much pain. Stomach pain, body aches, headaches, mood swings, exhaustion. You name it! I had it!

Finally after rounds and rounds of blood tests I got the diagnosis…you’re completly normal.

I did not feel NORMAL!

How was living life in constant pain and exhaustion okay?!

Finally I said enough is enough and I sought out other ways to try and solve the gut wrenching pain.

I went and saw a nautropath and they suggested I take a break from all grains. WHAT?!

I like my oatmeal for breakfast, 5 cookies before noon, grilled cheese for lunch and pasta for dinner.

What am I supposed to eat if I stop having wheat?!

Well fast forward a couple months, after a few weeks of trial and error I finally got it figured.

The pain was gone!

The most surprising was I did not know it was normal to eat and not be in pain?

Like what?! It’s possible to eat and not feel tired and extrememly full after, but still be satisfied? YES! 

 So since I was now cured, I tried a bowl of spaghetti.

Then the double over, curled up on the couch, crying in pain began again…

No more spagehtti!

Since discovering my body can not tolerate wheat I began diving deeper.

I became very interested in health and still had a big passion for the well-being of others. This led me into nursing school.

During my clinical as a nursing student, I worked in a residential care home (old folks home). This is where I saw many people suffering with cognitive disabilities, heart problems and diabetes.

My grandfather, at the time, was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, as well as type two diabetes. You can say that I was given a lot of exposure and insight as to how I do NOT want to be at the age of 80.

From this I began researching and got into more holistic health. As western medicine takes less of a health prevention approach, which I learnt first hand during my gluten expereience. 

This ultimately lead me to the concept of healing through food.

Through researching I discovered how some scientists are calling Alzheimer’s the third diabetes, as it is strongly correlated with the amount of sugar an individual consumes.

I also discovered the report on how the sugar industry paid to have a study done to tell the world that fat is bad for you. Not sugar, but fat. Even though with consuming high amounts of sugar you are creating fat stores within your body.



Now I looked at my own health. I was 19 at the time and well I knew that I was highly addicted to sugar. I once tracked the amount of sugar I would consume in a day and it easily was over 150 grams. Let me tell you, that is a lot! I didn’t even know what a sugar high was anymore because I was living one constantly every single day.

As an avid athlete in high school, I had tried many times to eat ‘healthy’ and every time had failed to do so.

Now what?

After all my research and knowing that things needed to change for me or I too could end up in a residential home unable to tell you my name; I looked into a new way of life.

As a follower of Mindvalley, I saw that they were putting on a free 7 days to stop eating sugar quest. On a mission I decided to try it, why not! I made it to day 3 and couldn’t continue. I was that attached to sugar…

So I dug deeper and found that the root of the quest was from a program called WildFit. A 90 day challenge to help you get your health back on track.

One of the promises on WildFit is to remove sugar cravings, I didn’t even need to look any further, that was all I wanted!

I found a coach who I knew would support me through my journey and completed the WildFit 90 Day Challenge!

So here I am 2 years later since having completed my WildFit 90 day challenge and I am still free from sugar!



  • Gave me the pride and ability to eat zero sugar
  • Helped me to release weight that I never thought I could
  • Boosted my confidence (the biggest plus)
  • Made me a WAY better cook
  • Allowed me to be free of the food marketing industry
  • Left me free of everyday back pain
  • And reduced the inflammation throughout my body




 I found a way out


I found a way to experience health in a way that I never had before.

I discovered a lifestyle, challenge, and experience that truly works.

Who wouldn’t want to share it?

I decided to become a WildFit coach to help others improve their health, lives and the best part their confidence within themselves.

To give people a reset button, a fresh place to start and a new outlook on life.

And to support others in achieving a life free from sugar.

I’m here to help you join the health revolution and discover what it is like to have true food freedom!


Tune in





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