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What are your top priorities?

By priorities, I mean categories that you plan your life around. The things you hold above all else. Often times the drive behind what you do on a daily basis and what gives you a base for creating the values that you portray.


So do you know what yours are yet?

Some ideas:

  • Money
  • Education
  • Family & Friends
  • Relationship
  • Work

Do you know which one I am missing?

Say your biggest priority is your family and friends, this is mine anyway! If they ever need me I would drop everything for them and not think twice.

Maybe for you it is making money, as you kind of need money to do a lot of things in life. So then I would say your priority would mainly be working as those go hand in hand.

Perhaps you are currently in school so getting the most out of your education is where you are putting all your focus.



The one priority that is most often skipped by people is one that they need to be able to fully enjoy the rest…


That is your HEALTH


If you are not filling up your cup, how are you supposed to fill up others? If you are not maintaining your health how are you supposed to make money if you always take a ton of sick days? Or how are you expected to learn and remember information if you are living off of caffeine and not brain food?

Taking charge of your health is not selfish, it’s rather quite the opposite! As it means you will be able to give me, feel better at all moments of the day and pour into those who need the extra boost!

So what is your biggest priority and how do you work to achieve it?

Even though priorites do change, we still keep them in our core values whether we are aware of it or not.

Working to achieve greater health can be extremely hard sometimes, especially in the world we currently live in. One bombarded with so many ‘diets’, exercise programs and the best of all is the opinions that everyone has against each one!

I am currently on the WildFit challenge. Which means that I am eating differently than most. That I am ‘that person’ when I go for dinner that is picky or just doesn’t eat because their is nothing that I believe is WildFit approved.

This is the greatest challenge I have found is to not give in to peer pressure, to release and let go of anyone’s judgement and to stay true to what I am trying to achieve and not allow others to sway me.

Staying true to my purpose and my why is what keeps me going each time I face that similar situation.

When was the last time you were the one who stood out? Who was ‘different’ in a sense. The one who knew they were doing something great for themselves, while being an example for those closest to them? The one who didn’t allow others opinions or peer pressure stop them from doing what they believe in.

Our priorities are tested each and everyday. What is your why that makes you withstand the hurricane around you?

Check out my video diaries from my WildFit journey here:

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