Dessert Collection


It’s time to have QUALITY treats, that give you the sweets you DESERVE, to share with your loved ones GUILT free!

This collection was created for you to create and enjoy healthy treats guilt free! After I became dairy, gluten and sugar free I struggled to create delicious sweets that I'd want to eat. This book is a collection of all my favourite recipes!


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What they say

 “Ever since starting my Wildfit journey with Kylie I’ve put baking on hold. Being a baker by trade that was frustrating, but my health was more important. Her dessert recipes are a game changer. Now I’m able to bake again guilt-free!!! Thank you Kylie for the time, love and effort put into your book.”
 “It’s a great way to satisfy that ‘dessert craving’ without the guilt. Simple recipes with wholesome ingredients and delicious flavours that will even fool your non Wild-fitters.”
 “Clean, simple and healthy recipes. For a person who isnt the best at baking it really makes it quite easy and fun to do!