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I had a hard time not sharing all of these, so below you will find a collection of all my WILDFIT client testimonials.

This page is a treasure to behold and I am so thankful for each and everyone of my clients who’ve been apart of the WILDFIT journey with me.


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I joined Wildfit to be educated about food and health, and to once and for all stop the emotional tug of wars and battles with food.

Not only did I learn and lose weight I no longer question what is ok to eat and what isn’t. I have the most energy I’ve had in my entire life, I have zero pain and I feel beautiful in my clothes and I’m 48. My life is changed and I’m so grateful.

I’m not sure how I, or anyone on the team, could have accomplished all of this without our amazing coach Kylie Forseille.

Not sure what I would have done without your guidance, insight and fortitude. Seriously, you’re the best!!! Thank you!

Val G.

By taking the time to do the program I was carving out personal time to think about myself! With the time I was able to learn about food, my triggers to indulge, my inner dialogue and without being hungry I had time to reason with myself. I have increased energy. I feel that I can think clearly and there has been a bit of weight loss. My favourite thing about the program was the connection to a supportive coach and team.

I would like to thank my coach, Kylie for finding the small wins and celebrating. She set some challenges and made me think. We had some laughs along the way too. I could count on her to reinvigorate my commitment to my health.


Kylie, my main takeaway from working through WildFit under your leadership. You listen. From my perspective, having many “coaches” in my life; from high school instructors to drill sergeants, you stand out. Most of the coaches I have worked with walked a one-way street the majority of the time. You spend as much time, if not more time, listening versus coaching. Your feedback is based on what you hear and you’re well-versed in WildFit content. Your listening skills allow you to accurately address the issues your clients bring to your attention. In my opinion, that’s highly admirable and I’ve learned a great deal about WildFit through your coaching.

Christopher S.

I had pretty much given up on myself in the weight loss & health journey, when I watched a close friend transform her body & relationship with food. I was still skeptical in joining & did the two week program. I could really hear Eric on the videos and so much resonated for me. You, Kylie as a coach were essential to my experience of the program. You made us all at ease to be ourselves & communicate on a FB group our questions, blocks etc. Kylie, I so appreciate you going above & beyond with responses, recipes, and giving us the feeling we are all in this journey together.

The program could not have been as effective for me without this personal coaching!

I have a long ways to go in weight loss, but feel my thinking & how I now look at food, plus what I put in my mouth has transformed. Thank you for being a wonderful coach.

Barbara R.

Probably the biggest win is that I started cooking now. Moreover, I lost 8kg where 6kg was fat. Now I feel I am in control; I have cheated since but every time I have done it consciously which is so freeing.

I can’t imagine going through only videos and not having a coach, the constant help and support that came and also from the group. Those tips and tricks that You shared were great and helped a lot. Moreover, thank You for reminding me how much I was afraid of cooking. In the end I did not see how much I changed and probably it is regular that You do not notice change Yourself, so it was great to get that kind of feedback. Thank You for being our coach.

For future Wildfit people I would say that the transformation is real, and the tribe is always there for You. Moreover, it is worth it regarding time and money. Change is not always easy, and Your life will try to hold You back but that is the reason why You need to commit and let future happen.

Harri P.

This is the first time I actually am becoming aware of what food is to me, how it feels, what it does , and I feel free to make an informed choice. This is a huge deal for me as I have always been an emotional eater, had years of bulemia, years of Yo-Yo dieting, body shame and many years in Overeaters Anonymous without success because I also don’t believe in a God that can just „save“ me. The highest power I am finding here is the power of evolution and the power of education and awareness. It is helping me tremendously and I see a light at the end of a long dark tunnel.

Claudia H.

I realised that I was a huge emotional eater before Wildfit, and I definitely allowed others to influence this and what I ate. I would definitely eat to get back at people and hide chocolate around to eat in secret…Not anymore!

I notice how others around me react around food and what triggers them off a lot now. It’s been a shock seeing first hand exactly what I used to be like. I now understand how unrealistic the diet industry is.

My body has released inches of unnecessary fat around my body and my scales are dramatically different ( I was 11 stone 3 pounds now I’m 10stone 5 pounds. I see big changes in my face which always leaves me with an even bigger smile than the day before.

My skin feels the softest it’s ever been. My face is almost entirely cleared up other than really old acne marks, I’m practically glowing. I used to also have lots of tiny spots on the backs of my arms and legs, which have now all almost disappeared.

My partner has started to rethink his eating habits which I’m so happy with as he’s one of the unhealthiest eaters I know. I’m slowly helping him by changing up 1 thing a week. The only vegetables he eats are potatoes and the odd spoon of carrots. So it’s fantastic to hear him say he wants change and be healthier for himself and the future on his own count withiut me saying a thing.

MY CRAVINGS ARE GOING. Don’t get me wrong I do now crave almond butter, broccoli, mushrooms and nuts from time to time, but there’s worst cravings I could have. I used to be that person who would drive to the store at night just for a chocolate bar that I “shouldn’t really have” then eat the whole thing and feel terrible and  feeling like a hypocrite because I hated the dairy industry yet would still give in to chocolate!! Now I can happily say that when I shop, I ONLY think about and get what’s on my Wildfit shopping list. I can happily stroll through the confectionary aisle without a care in the world, other thoughts don’t even pop up. Even when I am home, I realise that I eat and prepare food right in front of the family fruit bowl and there isn’t even a inckling of temptation. Even when I go in the fridge, the other food I’m almost blind to, it’s alien to my diet now.

Jade B.


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