Jul 17, 2017 | Life

The Waiting Game

The phone rings, your heart drops and your priorities do a complete 360. It all starts with an electronic voice (or for some a knock on the door) and conformation on Facebook that you are now on evacuation alert. What does this mean? It means that you need to be prepared to leave within moments if you are told to do so.

What do you take? What’s important? What can you survive without ever seeing again? Do you even know?

I reached a point that all I wanted was my family, friends and animals. Yes documents to prove that you were born, not like you’d be alive without them, those are ‘important’ too. Or you know, a little book with a maple leaf that will allow you to evacuate the country, I think we could all use a beach vacation after this, that is also on the list.

Honestly though, people, pets and photographs were all I needed to be able to survive.

Now while the house was lit with a fearful orange glow I began to pack. I don’t believe anyone could ever be prepared enough to pack as if they are about to lose everything.

You begin to look at your belonging with a whole new pair of eyes. It’s very difficult to not take every treasure that has a deeper meaning to you. Trust me, I struggled not to take all those gifts from those I have lost. However, space is defiantly a large factor in the packing situation. You can only take what you have room for in the vehicles you are taking.

The vehicle situation. Ultimitly it comes down to which one is the most fuel efficient and can carry the most belongings.

Once everything is safely stowed away and ready to be loaded there is a brief moment when you must accept that this could be the last time you ever see your home again.

This is where everyone’s story becomes different because, then you either evacuate or you wait until you are told to leave.

My family chose to evacuate and we did a 13 hour drive (that would normally take us 3) with 2 horses, 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 fish and 2 grandparents. It was long but a big relief to feel safe. My Father stayed behind as he is a true firefighter at heart and the hero in our house, who is working as hard as he can to save the place we all call home.

100 Mile House July 7, 2017


My heart goes out to my friends and family who had minutes to grab what was important before they were ushered out of their houses to safety. To those who have lost their homes; I hope you find peace with your friends and family and my thoughts will be with you in the coming months.

It’s crazy what becomes a requirement to continue moving through life when the place you have called home during your entire existence on earth, becomes threatened.

Mother Nature is a force we can only attempt to beat. Ultimately the future is in her hands.

Now we all must play the waiting game. Patience. Something you can not be given and must learn how to use. We must wait while we are all on the edge of our seats, helpless and in the hands of an unneogotiable force.

Everyone can support BC in its time of need by respecting the campfire bans, properly disposing of cigarettes and even respecting the barbecue bans. If you are one of those who chose not to…try telling someone that they have lost everything because of you and imagine what it would feel like to have nothing.

Be cariboo strong

Smile to find strength, laugh to bring joy and always be grateful for what you have.

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