I was giving first hand insight to what Dementia and Type 2 Diabetes does to your body, and I knew that it was not a road I wanted to head down. I learnt that sugar was the biggest correlation to both diseases. I then looked at myself and realized what I already knew; I am a sugar addict. That is when I came across WildFit and I am not a recovering sugar addict, freel of daily pain, full of confidence I never knew I could have, constant energy, and I spend my days helping others do the same.



WildFit was created by Eric Edmeades after transforming his own health. Then one day someone asked if he would coach them too. Eric, discovered that what he had done to change his relationship with food, anyone could do! That is when WildFit was born.
WildFit was inspired by the Hadza Tribe, one of the last hunter and gatherer tribes in the world. The entire program is focused on how to intuitively eat. As well as eating what our ancestors would have in the wild; real, raw, nutritious food.

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1:1 Coaching

90 Day Challenge


What to expect

After WildFit

Change your health, transform your life


Imagine being able to look in a mirror and not hate your body, because you now feel good, look good, and have confidence in how to properly fuel your body to remain healthy.


Imagine having untapped energy to get through your day. Wake up feeling rested, come home without needing to nap, and be so full of energy you can accomplish all your goals.


Change your diet, change your energy and change your mood. Imagine being free of crazy mood swings, emotional rollercoasters and finally feeling balanced within.


What they say

“I feel healthier, lost weight and I am sleeping better. I no longer feel I “need” caffeine to get through the afternoon.“ N.O.

“My skin feels the softest it’s ever been. My face is almost entirely cleared up other than really old acne marks, I’m practically glowing. I used to also have lots of tiny spots on the backs of my arms and legs, which have now all almost disappeared.” J.B.

 “More positive mood, improved sleep, decreased body fat and relief from my prior knee pain are all huge wins” K.M.

 “Confidence, strength, more energy, far less brain fog and a better understand of what I should fuel my body with for longevity.” S.D.

“I enjoyed the positive coaching from Kylie. She made a safe environment for me to ask questions and share. After I finished the 90 days I can see that my sleep is more restorative, I feel more relaxed and I can sustain my energy and thinking all day. Hard not to want to carry on!” E.P.